therians and otherkins
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Alibrary Ambiance

Welcome to the Library !
To start with is that this is a collection of information I will add to at times throughout life. I will also be changing the information and possibly the layout of the library with every update. So don’t be surprised with the changes. I will make all of this information about shifting in one way or another. For example if I talk about Magick or Psionics I will talk about how it correlates to shifting or therianthropy. If you have any info you want me to research and talk about I am open to suggestions in the Private Messaging. Also if you see anything that needs to be changed, don't be afraid to contact me and let me know. Many people overlook the basics, despite it being the very building blocks of your skills. You need to know more about yourself, before you can do anything with your shifting potential. You need to be sure that you are capable and believe in yourself. Without that you just end in failure. Before you even start on shifting you should learn about who you are as a therian. There are many who know what they are sense a young age, there are people who don't know until later, and there are people who always change, all of those options are fine. We are here under a common goal of furthering themselves. First order of business is to know your theriotype this is essential as this is what you strive towards. If you already know what your true self is that is great. Second, you need to know what you need to act like so look at behaviors. You need to know how to fit in with your theriotypes culture. Such as when you live in another country except as your theriotype. Learn the true ways not the way of hollywood or movies and such, learn the real ways. As in when you how does your true self react to certain stimulus? How does your theriotype react to others, to your surroundings? That is not to say that you must change your personality, you must learn and grow, don’t stagnate. Secondly look at the feeling of awakening and use that feeling in meditation, this is what makes shifting easier. It is easier not just because it familiarizes you with your energy and theriotype it makes it easier to be closer with yourself. This helps because it shows you what your shifting energy feels like and can help it grow stronger. Just like a muscle your shifting energy will grow the more you use it, but the opposite is true. It won’t disappear if that is what you either want or fear. It will just be harder to just get good at it again, or to get to the same prowess of your shifting skills. There are many different types of shapeshifting. Of course there is the pinnacle of shifting, the Physical (P shift) Shift. But there are also other types of shifting, such as Mental (M shift) Shifting, Phantom (PH shift) Shifting, Astral shift, etheric shifting, Magickal shifting, and many more. There is even a Magick type of shapeshifting that is based off of the theriotype based shapeshifting. That means that they don’t identify with what they are shifting into. It just means that they draw the energy or spirit into themselves and learn to work with the entity that is within them. -in progress