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Welcome to the Library !
Silverpack Dialog Shifter types Therianthropes and Otherkins practice what we call different ''shifting types''. The many shifting types are practiced in a spiritual/mental way while shapeshifting has a connotation of (physical-shifting or p-shift) physical transformation. There are also many mini categories for both of the types of shifting. You could even say there is a third type of shifting such as the Spiritual type of shift. The spiritual shift is where you use a type of energy considered not scientific or proven. So therefore the spiritual shift has many overlapping types of shifts that you can use. It is a much wider branch compared to the two others. The spiritual shifting branch goes mainly to the physical shift but of course the spiritual also goes to the mental plane. the physical shift has mainly two branches such as the partial shift and the full shift. You know when your eye changes color that is a partial shift. When you grow fur or only one or a few parts of your body that is a partial shift. When you turn fully into your theriotype you have a full shift. Such as the mental shift if you didn't know can occur on the astral plane. Which according to some people is just an manifestation of energy and the mental plane. Mental shifting can also be used in other such areas such as meditation, voluntary shifting, involuntary shifting, phantom shifting (which is also categorized with spiritual shifting but because it happens to non therians it is considered “normal” if albeit without the cause known. Library Order of business First order of business is to know your theriotype this is essential as this is what you strive towards. Second you need to know what you need to act like so look at behaviors. You need to know how to fit in with your theriotypes culture. Such as when you live in another country except as your theriotype. Learn the true ways not the way of hollywood or movies and such, learn the real ways. Secondly look at the feeling of awakening and use that feeling in meditation, this is what makes shifting easier. It is easier not just because it familiarizes you with your energy and theriotype it makes it easier to be closer with yourself. You should learn more things about spirituality or energy as always if you are working with anything energy or otherwise, spiritual or otherwise you should familiarize yourself with what are you working with, get all of the info. Thirdly learn how to use energy there are many theoretical ways to physically transform and should make choosing the right way for you easier. Choose your energy ways carefully or you could be hurt in some way or another. Energy should be essential to a p shift. Whether you are conscious of it or not does not matter you are still using energy. Learn more about yourself. Such as why do you want your real body, what are you, are you willing to take the risk? What is essential to you. How are you feeling at that moment? Take care of yourself. What are your needs? Physical shifting is hard, it is supposed to be. To make thing easier use an earlier method and think thoughts that make you shifty. Then shift. But there is always improvement we just need to find it. Mental shifting Passive First for a passive shift is to meditate and to use your mind in a relaxed state. Meditation can be used for many different reasons but for this one we will focus on is mental shifting. Next you need to bring up an image of your theriotype. The next step Look through eyes of theriotype Do whatever Active Bring up energy of your theriotype your theriotype looks through your eyes Do whatever Phantom shifting Bring up the feeling of your therioside Put it around your body Focus on it abstractly Physical shifting Astral projection Finding energy Mental protection