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[ It's NOT a Racoon , it's an actual canid specie ]

Werewolves Facts

Werewolves Facts & Myths

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Werewolves, called blood weres in our community, are humans that can take the physical shape of wolf. We all heard of the Hollywood myths about them. Well of course most of them are not true.
Let's see some werewolves facts.

1. Not everyone can become a werewolf, you must be born one or have a wolf soul in you or it won't work. You can't be '' bitten '' nor use a spell to become one. Now magic works at some point but doesn't work in one day and is more efficient through the Devil's worship, which I totally not recommend. You can also become a wolf physically if a wolf spirit somehow meets you during this actual life and want to bond with you, which happened a few times as I witnessed. Contact Mother Wolf Silver Black to know more.

2. While both humans and weres can be allergic to Silver, the myth of silver bullets and objects known to hurt werewolves is ...

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How to Spot a Were

Wolf shifter's shape and size can vary from one individual to another but usually, they have very similar traits. Plus, it said that the gaze of the wolf shifter gives goosebumps when you look at it. It's an unusal big wolf with thinner legs and longer tail. Wolf shifters are as well not as used to their animal form as they are to their human form so they can walk/ trot in an oddly way. Also, these persons tend to stay near the roads to not get lost and show no fear toward humans. Some of them even wear charm necklaces.

A whole article was written down with details to '' how to spot a wolf shifter '' so click HERE to know more. ( with real videos )

Suspected Shapeshifters Sightings