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 How to fill your kin type needs and be either happier and well-balanced as an otherkin..

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Lady Serene
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Big Boss

Gender : Female
Kin/Therio type : Naerubie
Age : 27
Location : Canada ( bu I am Russian )
Job/hobbies : Singing, Gaming, Cook at a Sweden restaurant ( but i prefer asian food ), drawing, swiming, dream shift
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PostSubject: How to fill your kin type needs and be either happier and well-balanced as an otherkin..   Sun 4 Feb 2018 - 9:42


I found out that anxiety is very psychological and I know many therians and otherkins like me are stuck with that problem.
I just discovered that giving myself more physical space around me by cleaning or moving stuff away from me, I felt better and less stuck in an environment. The same concept as chlostrophobia.

It made me come with an idea that actually, you CAN change your life with positive choices that’ll make your kin type happier without caring bout other people’s opinion.
As a wolf/naerubie, I'm a free and nervous creature that needs a lot of space and time. Maybe your theriotype has special needs too ? I have many needs that differ from other humans.
That's why I feel so different from other humans and in society in general.
Sadly, we are a minority as otherkins and must therefore adapt to human society because trust me, they won’t fucking bother to adapt to us at all. Because they think we are jokes because of the wolf teens and wolfaboos on the net pretending to be otherkins when they are truly only just kids playing at being animals and enjoying it a lil bit too much. I’m not saying everyone is like that and i’m ok with people who wear accessories such as tails and ears. As long as it is for the good reasons and not to seek attention.

Honestly, in a sense it is ok that the real and serious otherkins who struggle in their every day life to adjust and be accepted by the ones they love are not known by the medias. It feels both frustrating and relieving to be seen as a joke to other people. In a sense, it is better that no one knows about our personal life and struggles, including our secret belief in physical transformation.

All of this to say, we, as otherkins, are seen as a joke and must therefore camouflage in the human society and adapt to their system and needs while we are struggling to deal with our own needs.
And the problem hits the window ! PAM ! The ones you love want to believe and understand you more but they keep failing by doubting your mental health. They shut the fuck up about it because they are shy, scared to hurt us, think they love us anyway and therefore think it’s better not to talk about it as long as we don’t get lose and run on all four in the streets.  Then, only then, you realise that almost everyone, if not everyone you truly love in real life is trying to love and understand  you but fail drastically. You start to feel very, very lonely.

Anxiety comes up and you start to be in real deep shit. Because you were raised and treated like a human with only human needs, your body started to lack balance and mental problems started to pop up. ADHD, anxiety and other annoying sicknesses. A mental disease is a psychological sickness that happened because our needs were not taken care of and we stay there, depressed, angered, desperate that people start to understand us.
I’m sorry if I’m being so depressive at the moment. I really wish to find a way to enhance everyone’s happiness in the otherkin communities .
We will find tricks like the one I came with above to help ourselves.

The first thing I’d do is  answering to my own needs, since no one else can, obviously. To do that, you need to know what are those needs you you have to fill. And here’s HOW you’ll figure it out :

Each time something comes up that depresses you or angers you, take more time to ask yourself why and nail what unfulfilled needs hide behind these emotions.
Example no 1 : ‘’ Dude I’m craving meat and the grocery is freaking closed. I’m so pissed right now ‘’ . ( That might ring a bell to tell yourself ‘’ hey I need to eat more meat because I’m a wolf kin and it makes my body feels shifty and well balanced’’ )

Example no 2 : ‘’  Man, I can’t focus when I’m at school. I look outside through the window and my leg keeps shaking of impatience. I feel chained and forced to be here. I hate it.  ‘’  ( That might ring a bell to tell yourself ‘’ Oh ! my dog kin type needs to make way more exercise in opened space to feel more free, calmed, happy and focused when I’m forced to be living with humans around me. ‘’ )

Example no 3 : ‘’ My parents are very mad at me because I can’t sleep at night and live a nocturnal life. So I started coming out  outside through the window while they slept..Idk, I feel I just need that time alone to relax and explore, why can’t my parents understand me instead of being annoyed and worried ? . ‘’ ( That might ring a bell to tell yourself ‘’ Come on, I can change this. My cat kin is nocturnal and I feel better to live alone and at night just like my kin type would do. I should change job for one where I could allow myself to live at night and sleep until lunch time and be happy. I could also take an appartment to fill my privacy needs. Yay ! Freedom ! ‘’)

I believe you all understand what I mean here. It’s so hard to just be born in a place with people that you love but doesn’t understand you. It makes you feel like you don’t belong anywhere and have chains all along. And you might want to cry or even die, but there are solutions to change your life in a positive way instead of sitting there, doing nothing to change it and playing the victim.
Try to pinpoint the needs and differences you have with human people around you, I can guaranty if you can make that introspection within yourself, you can come up with solutions to fill these needs that, since unsatisfied, might make you depressed or angry.
You are different, you have to take care of yourself like you should, not like humans think you should be raised or treated like. You are the only one to know who you really are and what you need inside of your heart, no one else.
Make your self balanced and Happy and fill your heart with peace and satisfaction. You should be 50-50 with both your kin type side and human side to be as such. Make both parts happy. Adapt your kin type side to your human needs and vice versa, adapt your human side to your kin type needs.
You are nocturnal because you are a cat therian ? Then live at night and sleep the day if it makes you happier ! You are a dragon kin and feel like you need to find a cave to sometimes isolate yourself around a firecamp ? Do it if it makes you happy.


Smile There are no problems, only solutions Wink


      - Naerubi Silver Black -   

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How to fill your kin type needs and be either happier and well-balanced as an otherkin..
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