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 Debate : What defines a Therian ?

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Lady Serene
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Big Boss

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PostSubject: Debate : What defines a Therian ?    Mon Feb 26, 2018 12:42 pm

I really love what they do but. Do you have to wear animal gears and run in the woods to be a therian ? What defines a therian in modern society ? Is there a separate category for teenagers who do these things and adults who stopped wearing gears and going public ? Are they the same ? I'm just wondering. What is considered a therian now, does it have pecular visible characteristics ? If I don't wear gears, am I still considered one ?

Mmmmm.. so much questions. lol

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Ancient Member
Ancient Member

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PostSubject: Re: Debate : What defines a Therian ?    Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:01 am

In my belief therians aren't like animals that have died and reincarnated to humans, but rather beings created from Gaia, and other earth element based Deities, that they were given a form of an animal that we see here in our world during their original creation and down the line their birth/heritage (ofc not physical blood relatives but their original life, their soul's first existence in form), but doesn't stop them from being any more animal then the animals we see in our daily lives. In modern day I feel as though they are connecting to a odd side of things based on the little information they have about themselves and from there feel this urge to wear tails, collars, and all this other animal gear. It's fine to have like  necklace in the shape of a wolf or feline or bird (I dont believe in insect therians, or any form of therian smaller than a dog/cat nor do I believe in a lot of the animals we have being possible therians like cows or squirrels) but that's besides the point lol.

I find that teen therians are still discovering themselves, making mistakes on what they are, where their soul' "heritage" came from so they feel this urge to portray themselves in this fashion to be more outspoken about it. I feel sometimes it even expands to adulthood as some things stick, while some learn out of it so to speak. If you don't wear any of this a person who is legitimately a therian has every right to still be considered one, just because they aren't following the same way of expression, in my honest opinion this form of expression does more harm than good both to them and those around them.

To them because they continue to drift further and further from themselves in a legitimate way and more towards a form of expression that could very well close them off to the actuality of themselves and more towards a deluded expression of what they think a therian should act or be like, to others because they go on to act like those who don't do wear what they wear are frauds or wont understand them, so when someone tries they will growl (literally and figuratively) at the individual instead of helping them to understand.
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Debate : What defines a Therian ?
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