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PostSubject: And many others...   And many others... I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2016 6:31 pm

Toxcili wrote:
General Shapeshifters:
Therians: Although they aren't exactly considered were-animals, they still have the ability to P-shift, so i'll list them here. A therian is a person who can M-shift and has a spiritual connection to an animal-in other words they were an animal in a past life, and experience shifts, although the majority of them believe P-shifting is impossible. Therians also have to work harder towards P-shifting, as usually they are double natured (as in they are human minded most of the time, and when M-shifting, animal minded.)

Were-animals: Not limited to the werewolf, were-animals are shapeshifters who shift into animals on the physical plane. A were animal can be any species-dog, cat frog, etc. They keep their intelligence while shifted, and do not transform on the full moon. However, a wereanimal can only shift into one animal (so a werewolf cannot shift into a werecat as well, they are limited to one animal.) Were animals dont necessarily need to M-shift to shapeshift, as they are their animal, and only shapeshift into one species, so there's no real reason for a M-shift.

Theriantropic Wereanimals: These are shapeshifting were-animals that are born with the soul or spirit of an animal. They are therians due to the fact that they can m-shift and spiritually shift, but are also were-animals for the simple fact that they can shapeshift on the physical plane.

"True" Shapeshifters:
Shapeshifters: These are people who can shapeshift into more than one animal, and do not have to learn about the animal they are shifting into. For example, a shapeshifter could be kept away from wolves his whole life, and still know how to shift into one instinctually. Shapeshifters must M-shift in order to shapeshift, as each animal they shift into has a different persona and mood, and it is necessary to get into that mindset before shifting.

Polymorph: These are similar to shapeshifters, but they cant shift into all animals, they can shift into more than one though. For example, a polymorph that can shift into bear, mouse, and cat can shift into those animals, but it will not be able to shift into a horse, because it's not one of it's animals.

Claudoshifters: Like polymorphs, claudoshifters can shift into more than one animal, but only into those of a specific species. For example, a cat claudoshifter can shift into anything in the cat family, from lion to domestic cat, but not a dog or a wolf, as those are not in the cat family.

Skinwalkers: These are the most mysterious of the shapeshifter family, but from talking with one, I have gathered that they are basically like shapeshifters with magical powers. They are able to shift into any animal, but unlike shapeshifters, they tend to be wilder and more magical.

Special Shapeshifters:
Demon Shifter: These are people who can shapeshift through the use of a demon. A demon has either partially or fully possessed them, allowing them to shapeshift. The demon can leave the host's body, and is a separate spirit from the host's spirit. Demon shapeshifters are usually forced to shapeshift.

Shamans: These are controversial, but shamans are humans who have learned to shift either mentally or physically, either through the use of drugs or by their own willpower. Contrary to popular belief, physical shapeshifting shamans do exist, although their numbers are few and far between, and many spend years and years training to physically shift.

Posession Shapeshifters: Like a demon shapeshifter in the fact that in both cases, the host is no the one shifting, but the difference between these two types is that while a demon is possessing the host in the former, in this type of shapeshifting, the entity possessing the host can be anything, from an angel to a god to a spirit.

Mythical Shapeshifter/ Otherkin P-shifter: A shapeshifter that shapeshifts into something either mythical (like a dragon or gryffin) or into something that doesnt exist, or a creation they created. P-shifting otherkin could go into this category.

Contreversial Shapeshifters:

These are shapeshifters that may or may not exist,but because of the talk around them, for respect they are included here.
Animal-people: Just as the name implies, these are people who can shift, but instead of looking fully like their animal, they are people with animal characteristics such as lots of fur, long claws, and animal-like agility on a mostly human body. Therianthropes are supposed to be good at getting into this kind of shift.

Giant wolf/God wolf/"Twilight" Wolf: These are wolves that aren't exactly shapeshifters, but can sometimes take a human body as a host or vessel. They can shapeshift (when in the host body) but when they do, they become a giant wolf, but not like the ones in Twilight, they are many times bigger. Think Holo from "Spice and wolf", Pluto from "Black Butler", or a wolf about the same size as a house.

Hybrid/Vampire wolves: These are werewolves that have the vampire's characteristic of needing to drink blood (or in the case of psi vampires, take energy from their surroundings. ) Because of the gene sets of these two very different creatures, they are believed to not exist, although some say otherwise. What do you think?


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Please forgive my english if I make mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker. x)
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And many others...
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