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 A new rule here.

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Big Boss
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Gender : Female
Kin/Therio type : Naerubie ( celestial wolf guardian )
Age : 28
Location : Canada ( bu I am Russian )
Job/hobbies : Singing, Gaming, Cook at a Sweden restaurant ( but i prefer asian food ), drawing, swiming, dream shift
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A new rule here. Empty
PostSubject: A new rule here.   A new rule here. EmptyMon Mar 11, 2019 3:41 am

Ok so this is my job. I love my friends, I love my pack but I'm leader and I gotta be impartial and firm to keep the balance and the legendary peace we had for years. 
Please don't argue back nor question my intentions for they are good. I kept the peace for years and I intend to keep it until my last breath. 
Something happened yesterday and a member posted a threat and started to argue alone in the chat to taunt another member which whom he had a personal disagreement. I won't name anyone for I hate pointing fingers and I don't care who started what. Respect and peace are the only rules here. The fight didn't even happened in the chat ! So why bringing it public and taunting another member ? Maybe He acted wrong , maybe not, I don't care ok ? Keep your arguments for yourselves in private messagery..  No one wants to see Drama and negative thoughts on the website. We have to stay strong as a community and keep growing up. I'll be honest, I don't give a f* shit about who started the fight with who and why ( unless someone bullies or threatens a member and goes too far for no good reason then I'll intervene ). I love you all and if something happens between you, come and talk to me. I realise now that it is my job and even if my real life is hard enough as it is, I still gotta fight for what I believe in here : PEACE & RESPECT. If you can't control your emotions and rage, please contact me and vent to me, I,ll listen for sure. I'm sorry to the person if he didn't feel listened last time, it's partially my fault. I wanted to avoid drama on the website because I have enough in my real life and it's not against anyone. Sometimes Life is just too much for me and I'm very feral ( I'll explain why in my first blog bit later ). It was no excuse to avoid my responsibilities. Without Lykena, My life is harder.  I lost my twin soul bestie for 2 years and it's Hell without her in my life. I'm trying my best to stay focused and strong for the pack but it's harder. It's like walking with just one leg.  Everything loses meaning or almost. That 's why I'm still here. I'll keep figthing and making you happy, proud and served as you deserve, but for that, I,ll need your collaboration.
I put the chat on silence for everyone until I know for sure everyone understood. It will last 2 days and i'm sorry for that. I won't name anyone but the person has to learn each time a st****d argument happens on the public chat, whoever it is, i have to reset the chat all over ! NOT COOL for anyone. so collaboration everyone and thank you for listening. 

The new rule is simple : 
+I don't wanna see any taunt nor argument toward a member, especially if it has nothing to do with the public chat conversations. If something related happens within the chat tho, let an admin know ( come to me or Zan , whoever you feel comfortable with ). 

Also any drama or useless shit that happens either in the public forum or chat will be automatically removed and the person will be personally warned.
I'll warn Zanblade of the new rule and her part into it. She won't be able to deleted members without my permission, no one is. And unless there is a f*g good reason to do so, I don't ban my members. I give chances. But grow the fuck up and learn from it. It's the least thing to do * sigh. 
Now sorry if I'm a bit bitter. I'm just sick of all the fights and all. I don't wanna be involved into the fights of my own friends and take sides. I'm not like that and I hate it.
I don't want my friends to push me away because I had to take action and they broke some respect rules. My rules are simple. there are two : peace and respect and I'll repeat it until everyone understands. 
Thank you for your listening and have a great day. 
Sorry for the persons who are not involved. Sometimes you gotta intervene because shit happens. But hopefully no one saw the fights and everything is back to normal ^^' 
The chat will be back in 2 days. 

 Xx Naerubie Silver Black xX   A new rule here. Black_wolf_flying_for_loryblackwolf_by_altairas-d5cpehj

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A new rule here.
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