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 Can't Physicall shift ? Here is why :

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Gender : Female
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Job/hobbies : Singing, Gaming, Cook at a Sweden restaurant ( but i prefer asian food ), drawing, swiming, dream shift
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Can't Physicall shift ? Here is why :  Empty
PostSubject: Can't Physicall shift ? Here is why :    Can't Physicall shift ? Here is why :  I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 19, 2019 6:49 pm


Can't Physicall shift ? Here is why :  Siberian-tiger

Shapeshifting is indeed real and it is possible to achieve BUT there are reasons that prevent the shapeshift to happen, usually.

There many reasons at least why a shapeshift couldn't happen : 

1. PROBLEM :  You are not in a safe environment for yourself .  

Therefore, your subconscious mind tells your body that there is danger. Not enough space to hide, not enough nature, risks to be caught , hunted, sighted etc. Don't bother, it won,t happen. Your mind will prevent your body to put yourself in a dangerous position, it's basic survival instincts.  

SOLUTION : Stay calm and lock yourelf into your bedroom, make sure you can't get out from a window either. Be extra-careful if your environment is not safe, it's always better to do it somewhere else safe. If you have nowhere to go, lock yourself in, put some some radio sounds at night, not too loud and wait for everyone to go to sleep. if the window leads to a safe area to p shift, outside, go there at night. if not, stay in your room or go another place in town that is 100 % safe. 


2. PROBLEM : You are not in safe environement for others .

It's not easy to deal with shapeshifting. If you are in One of the places where you know you could hurt a weaker living being, human or not, it won,t happen either. 

SOLUTION : In order to not provoke an accidental mental shift, avoid to look toddlers, rabbits and other living beings your instinct could consider like preys. Some of us ARE predators and sadly, these instincts need an extra precaution in the practice of shapeshifting. Of course, when you change form, your mind stays you, as the human one BUT it's way different then it was because of all the animal instincts and thoughts. So, you will basically stay yourself into your animal mind, even if you are overwhelmed by your animal state. Stay calm, breathe, embrace the beast. if you want to undo the shifting, just go to sleep and relax. It'll happen overtime. 


3. PROBLEM : Not enough Practice in general : 

Shifting takes discipline and devotion. It's not for everyone and it's certainly not a game. 

SOLUTION : I'm sorry to say so but you have to believe in yourself and if you're lazy then kick your fucking lazy arse off. You want to p-shift ? Just DO IT ( LOL ) I'm serious tho. Discipline, Devotion, schedule. Find a moment that'll suit you better in the day. Practice mental shifting everyday, practice , practice. Every min, every hour, every second that you can, in any situations. These are the best ways to succeed. BECOME OBSESSED BY IT IF YOU HAVE TOO. watch documentaries, tv shows bout your kin, read, use different methods, find the good one. there IS room to success if you give it a chance. Don't waste it, just do it. No excuses . You want to p-shift or not. Your choice. Your responsibility. No one is going to do it in your place.

Something I did was finding inspiration in everything I could and tell myself everyday, every time I could that I am what I am and let myself be free. We all have human lives to deal with and its not easy, but you gotta be fair with your real self and let yourself free. Be sure these things you do while mental shfiting are suitable in public because you could get in trouble with people and the authoritity. Do not growl at people unless its the last warnikng before striking. Tell them to buzz off instead because you' can't control your anger, if that's the case. Be your GOOD self everyday. Only humans do bad things and have bad thoughts.Animals and creatures only think to survive, they are actually respectful of the personal space of people , their life and learn when not to strike. they have more respect than humans and only strike when necessary. you don't have to be mean or bite or growl at people. Fight only for play with other therians. Humans don,t do that.  If youc an't control your own impulsions, then do some box or strong physical exercise to calm down. Bad temper ? Short fuse ? Go for a run , go go go ! You need it. it'll release your stress and anger and you'll feel 2334543 % better and more in control after. 


4. PROBLEM : Doubts.

Who doesn't doubt physical shifting is real ?  It's like wayyyy too impossible for the body, it's against physical laws blahblah, right ? You are wrong. Physical shifting is real and its a hard reality. People are usually quiet or discrete about it and won,t show anything for their own protection. Also, its a very private thing to do, no shifter wants to share. It's like if you'd ask someone to look at them peeing. Erm.nope. Look, everyone doubts, everyone has a stupid human brain to stop them to think '' unrationally ''. The human brain is trained to reject such abstract ideas, supposely debunked by science. The truth is, science doesn't know it's real, or haven't find out how it's possible yet, but it's there. Many mysteries still reside in science these days and still, its real out there. Unexplainable weathers, landscapes defying gravity, glass tubes and I pass. The subconscious mind and the human brain has tremendous hidden capacities that science are still trying to figure out. We'Re all energy beings and energy can be transformed, just not destroyed. So you'll basically keep being an animal with the same bodymass than a human or around the same if you get an energy boost. DNA isn't something that is written in stone and can change at any time. The very proof of it is that eyes can change colors with time and pigmentation is part of your dna. It can change ? then what other things can change ? 

I,ve seen shifters doing it, i,ve been there too, very scary experience. I've got pics, nice people who helped me along the way. I was very sceptical for a few years and the thing drove me mad and mean in other websites, 10 years ago. DOubts can really get to you. 
It's real, don't let it win. 

SOLUTION : Doubts are dumb and a total waste of time. 
What do you have to lose to actually believe and try for yourself ? 
The worst that can happen is that you don't shift at all.
Also, shifting can take months, years. Depends on the person's body and dedication.
JUST TRY IT FOR FUCK SAKE LOL. if that's what you really want.
if you dont want to, don't. Shapeshifting is not for everyone because its a life changer and people are n't always ok with the sacrifices they have to make in their life to achieve it.  Name it : Specie dysphoria, depression, agressive issues and i pass. its hard for the emotions, for the body, for your soul. 
Don't do it unless its what you want 100 %You have to be responsible if you do so. 


5. PROBLEM : Not enough physical exercise.

SOLUTION : YES. Shut up lazy arse. HAha. I'm lazy myself so I can relate, but physical exercise is very healthy and necessary in order to be balanced and relieved from all toxic chemicals in your body that stresses you and prevent the shift. , both mentally and physically, it will help you to master the creature inside you. you,ll get a sense of freedom, it will give you the opportunity to mental shift while doing it and such. NO excuses, move your ass ! X') 


6. PROBLEM : Stress. 

Strong and negative emotions can really break a shifting attempt. stress gives toxic chemicals in the body and not enough relaxed ? can't p-shift. Anger stresses you too. As long as stress remains, its over. 

SOLUTION : Find ways to relax your body. Physical exercise, meditation, sport ( box etc ) . Then after doing physical exercise and meditation, you are more likely to p-shift. Once everything is done,  go lay down on your sides or half-sit in your bed, arms and legs relaxed. Take of clothes, piercinngs and jewels and try. At this point, being tired does not prevent the p-shift because its a different kind of tireness then when you wanna go to sleep. 


7. PROBLEM:  Physical disabilities.

Metallic implants in the leg because of an accident, disabled body ? Neurological problems, paralysis ? braces, fake limb, tooth protections ? Yeah, can't happen. Your brain ain,t stupid and will block the body if it considers it in danger. It probably really won't happen for you, i'm really sorry to announce :( * hug.

SOLUTION: Sadly, no solution for this. Some therians are happy even if they don't pshift because they get really in tune with their animal side spiritually. They practice astral shifting instead, dream shifting and mental shifting. Still happy fellows ;) Don't be sad, please :( . 


8. PROBLEM : Clothes and accessories

Shifting need to be naked. Disgusting, eeew i know. Just take a shower already and go hide under your blanket. Wearing any clothes nor jewels won't prevent the shift tho and might hurt your body when the transformation occurs. 

SOLUTION : Don't wear ANY jewels, piercings or tight clothes. if you dont like being naked, wear gigantic clothes and necklaces that have some free space once you get bigger. 


9. PROBLem : Lack of confidence or knowledge about your kin type.

Do I really need to explain this one ? 

SOLUTION : BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Work on it, listen to subliminal messages on youtube that'll boost your self-confidence . For the second case scenario, get more in touch with yourelf, meditate, learn, ask others and look for articles online to help, there are many on the website.


10. PROBLEM : Your animal anatomy is too much different from your human body.

Forget elephants, squirrels and crazy small/big animal shit. Also, some reptiles aren't possible as long as some marine mamals like whales. Giraffes...nope. Mammals kin types around your body mass can do it, Nothing else that is not realistic and logical for the energy transfer. I'm not sure if reptiles can shapeshift but i heard a few doing it. So anything is possible.

SOLUTION: If you have more than one kin type, try to others. If not, know that humans can shapeshift into a lot of animals. You just need to find one that might suit your need. Sorry to say so.


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Can't Physicall shift ? Here is why :
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