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PostSubject: Method Method I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 10, 2019 3:00 pm

One of the traditional powers associated with witches and sorcerers is the ability to shapeshift, usually into an animal although it can be into another human shape. Modern witches and sorcerers who do not have this ability claim that the shapeshifting was done only on the astral plane, and that the physical bodies of the witches and sorcerers did not change shape. They're partly right. The shapeshifting is done with the nonphysical body, but by taking the procedure one step further, the physical body can also shapeshift.

The best way to explain the theory behind this is with the experiment in which iron filings are used to reveal invisible magnetic lines of force. To perform the experiment, you take iron filings and place them on a sheet of paper. When you pass a magnet under the sheet of paper the iron filings immediately move and assume the shape of the invisible magnetic lines of force. If you change or move the magnet, you will see an immediate change in the shapes taken by the iron filings.

The iron filings in the experiment react the same as the atoms that compose your physical body. The atoms of your physical body align to the invisible etheric lines of force that give shape to all physical objects. When you exit your physical body, and you walk around in the same environment that your physical body is in, you are in your etheric body. To shapeshift, once you are out of your physical body, you must change the shape of your etheric body. Then while maintaining the new shape, re-enter your physical body.

The atoms of your physical body will instantly re-align to the new shape. which can be maintained for as long as the etheric shape that is holding it together is maintained. The new physical shape will slowly change back to its old shape after a few hours though. To change back immediately, or to another shape, you must exit your physical body again, change your etheric body, and then re-enter your physical body while maintaining the new shape.

Like most advanced psychic abilities, this is not going to work the first, second, or even tenth time you try it. It will probably take months of regular practice before you achieve your first success. The biggest key to success is your ability to concentrate and viualize changing the shape of your etheric body. Playing at it or pretending isn't sufficient. You must be able to confirm with your asral senses that the etheric body has changed into the shape you desire. Once that is done, all that is necessary to complete the transformation is to re-enter the physical body.

Everyone has latent psychic abilities that can be developed to great effect with the right training. You must have an accurate, proven, complete course of instruction to be sure of success though. To find out more about developing psychic powers.

Thanks for reading!!!! Love you guys!!!!! Have a great day!!!!
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