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 Did the Griffon existed or not ? (CRYPTO)

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Do you think the griffon existed or not ?
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Did the Griffon existed or not ? (CRYPTO) Empty
PostSubject: Did the Griffon existed or not ? (CRYPTO)   Did the Griffon existed or not ? (CRYPTO) I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 10, 2019 4:55 pm


Please don't be offensed on this video since it is just a video. No one knows for real if they existed or not.  Some scientists and researchers mentionned that a mistake occured when someone found a dinosaur skeleton that strangely resembled the griffon but it was not. What we know is that there were many stories and paintings about them, they are deeply enrooted in the folklore. And it might as well exist in the spiritual world, who knows ? 

real or not ? I'll let you decide. 

 Xx Naerubie Silver Black xX   Did the Griffon existed or not ? (CRYPTO) Black_wolf_flying_for_loryblackwolf_by_altairas-d5cpehj

Did the Griffon existed or not ? (CRYPTO) 53864634-10156945357792591-2104803759115730944-n


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Did the Griffon existed or not ? (CRYPTO)
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