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 It's all snow and games.

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PostSubject: It's all snow and games.   Sat Jan 28, 2017 1:08 pm

    Ah, Canadian winter.
    Some love it. Most hate it.
    Aki was in between. She likes the cold, sometimes liked the snow. When she was driving, she liked to drift the car a bit, when it was safe and all, obviously.
    What she hated was when there was too much wind, or ice. Freezing rain is the worst. It does make beautiful sights in the trees though.
    Today was a good day. Sunny, just cold enough, not a lot of wind. When you breathed deeply, you didn't feel your nose freeze over, but you did feel the cold in your lungs. It was deliciously refreshing, after spending the whole day cupped up inside, or at work.

    Of course, here, there wasn't much work to be done. Oh wait, yes there was. They had to build the whole village. It was slowly taking shape, around Silver's house. But too slowly. In the autumn, they didn't really have the time to do more than the foundations. They all lived inside of Silver's house. Aki, Silver, Kya, Momo and Sake. At least it was just them for now. But Silver had been doing psychic scans and kept recruiting people from all over the world. Who knew how long they could live all hurdled together in such a small house. Aki missed having her own place. As soon as the snow would melt, she would insist on having her own place. She loved people. But at the same time...

    Anyhow. She had decided to leave the house and go for a walk in the forest. The forest was very tight, and thus, you could walk pretty easily between the trees. Snow had packed up on the top of them and they protected the ground. It also had been pretty warm lately and the snow had melted a bit, then compacted. You didn't really have any difficulties in walking in the forest.

    Temperature was around -7°C. Which is alright, when there isn't any wind. Wind could make that feel like -20°C, if it was strong enough. Thank God it wasn't.
    Accordingly, Aki hadn't put so much layers. Just a vest under another vest. She hated her heavy coat, because it was...heavy. This combination was lighter and it was easier to move with it. She did put a double layer of pants, because she didn't know for how long she would walk.

    She tapped her glasses on top of her nose. She had put sun glasses, since the sun was out and when the sun reflects on the snow, it gets really tiring for the eyes. She had no hat and no gloves though. She hated these. Akimori loved to feel the wind in her hair and be able to take snow in her bare hands. She was walking and she had gotten pretty warm by now.

    Aki needed the time alone, but at the same time, she felt alone. It was a complicated emotion.
    After maybe 20 minutes, she reached a big rock and a small clearing. The girl climbed the rock akwardly and layed on top of it. Looked up at the sky and sighted.
    So many conflicting emotions these days. She had to deal with her tanuki, she had to deal with isolation, she had to get used to a new family.
    She missed many things of her old life. Aki felt this tightness in her chest, everytime, everywhere. She couldn't explain it, but it hurted and it was annoying.
    Aki looked at the sky and watched the scarce clouds. It might snow later on. But not just yet. The air was fragrant with the smell of trees, snow, and cold. It was still pretty early in the morning, and the sun hadn't reached its zenith just yet.


Please forgive my english if I make mistakes, I'm not a native english speaker. x)
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PostSubject: Re: It's all snow and games.   Sat Jan 28, 2017 10:10 pm

A sudden sound of shoes running through the snow was making loud echoes along the big snowy and cold forest. These days not many people ventured to walk into the forest, there was an inner fear in the towns around: to find shifters in the forest,  actually the only ones who entered this place were shifter hunters but they were never lucky to catch anyone of Silver's pack, since they were very easy to spot. BUT DIS DAY, no one XD. So young Sake didn't have worries to run freely with freedom through the snow watching the amazing sky with scarce soft clouds and the bare winter trees, an astonishing scene and a beloved dream come true X).

Sake was wearing a red (cool) jacket with some comfortable pants, he didn't feel too much cold because he could manage to control his body temperature:  "What a wonderful day we have!" he thought amazed admiring the beauties of nature, "well now I must find Aki, she has been a lot of time outside, I wonder what is she doing out there!" he said with a smile on his face ~Maybe we can play for a while! YEEE~. He started walking as he saw a silhouette far away on a big rock.

"Must be her!" he thought out loud, oups... "OKAY I'm going to give her a very greattt surpriseeeee XD" (disboy...) Sake started to creep getting closer and closer to the big rock, when he reached it he started to climb it very slowly and tried to not make any sound, he was willing to jump now: 1...2...3 *hop* "heyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! AKIII..." he said as he appeared in front of Akimori but looking at her face he detected some sadness inside her, "Maww hey Cheer up!" he said with a tender voice, he got closer to give aki a big sweet hug and a pat on her head, after that, he jumped to land on his feet in the snow, "do you wanna play for a while??? today seems like a great day and I love to play in the snoww!! c'mon come hereee!" Sake said with joy and making a signal to akimori with his hand to follow him.

He crouched and picked up some snow, he started to make a snowball on his hands and throwed it to akimori, it hit softly on her right shoulder. "Catch this wolf if you can!" Sake said as he immediately started to flee but the poor boy stumbled with a rock and fell into the ground with his face hitting hard the snow ~ouch~. "not this again, my nose is not very grateful..." he said under the snow, slowly he sat and watched The woman still over the rock staring at him, he shook his head to get rid of all the snow on his face.

"My dearest Tanuki are you too sad?" he said to himself dispirited looking up at the clouds in the sky, it has been a long time since Sake achieved his dream to come to Chibougamau and found Silver pack here, maww he expected that everyone would be happy here, but it seems like not?... ~but then suddenly something interrupted his mind~ WHAT? there was something very far running towards him "Huh?... NO WAY BLBLBLB NO WAYYY... (yes he said that like an octopus), POTATOOOOOO"  Oh my goodness little Sake's friend and doggie came racing so fast towards him and jumped with a very fast speed that tiny Puga pinned Sake down.

All his worries and what he was thinking went away. "MAAAAA SSoooo Amazingggg I thought you were sleeping at home my lil Potatooo..." ~As always because this doggie was very lazy XD~. Now the doggie, Puga, was freakinly licking Sake's face and mouth so much that he couldn't talk anymore. His dog always filled him with so much happyness and hope on his days that he couldn't feel sad around him!.

The dog had light brown fur with white paws at the end of his body there was a small tail that looked like from a deer, his floppy ears were so sweet and his eyes reflected an irresistible cuteness, Puga wasn't a fat doggie instead he had some muscles but don't be fooled, even if he didn't have too much muscles he was very very strong!.

Sake stood up and with his dog at his side, he gently patted his head and the dog wagged his tail "DO YOU WANNA PLAY? YESH MY FLUFFY WUFF you reallyyy wannnttt" he said panting along with Puga, he watched back at the rock on which Aki layed but there was no sign of her "Huh? D8"

"Where did she go ?"  Razz  he thought playfully :3
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It's all snow and games.
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