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 Could anyone help me with understanding these signs?

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PostSubject: Could anyone help me with understanding these signs?   Sat May 13, 2017 9:53 pm

For the last few weeks I've noticed that the number of red cars I see daily increased dramatically. Normally, I would see at most 3 red cars when I am going somewhere. But now it is different...

I see so many red cars, everywhere. Literary. On every corner. And all of them are bright red. What weird is there is a red truck, Shevrolet, and it has a huge metal box in the back... I see it everywhere. It is almost as if those red cars warn me about something, or maybe it is a sign?

I see red trucks now every minute for the last five days, They all look the same, only they have different numbers, and different marks. But there are LOTS of red Shevrolet trucks I see.

I see it when I go to the mall, I see it when I am going to the pharmacy store, I see it at the library, I see it at school, I see it when I go home!!!!

I am not imagining things, I swear by God, those cars were never here. Yes, there are red cars, but not when you see 6 THE SAME cars every minute, literary!!!

In the last hour I saw at least 25 Red trucks, and half of them were Shevrolet, plus they all had metal boxes in them... Creepy huh?

I also see other marks and vans which are red, there are EVEN MORE of those, but the trucks really get my attention... I mean they do.

I see color red everywhere, I mean it. And now those cars start showing up on every single corner.

I am sure it is no COINCEDANCE at all.

There is no way in hell I see red trucks going to the same place I do for three days straight.

And I can't report it as stalking because there are lots of them, and they have their own numbers.

Plus what am I going to say, "Oh, I see red cars everywhere and I think I am being followed... Or maybe Jesus is giving me signs?"

The best they'll tell me is to see a doctor. Neutral

I also saw the same man following me but the library... Every time I walk out he stands there and then walks behind me till my mom picks me up and we drive away...

And then I see weird signs everywhere, like today I saw one that said "Sell your house FAST"

And then two hours later on my way back I saw another sign, in another place, looking somewhat similiar and it said "Buying house fast!"

Then I walked by the store and saw red trucks, some of them had fake scratches and one of them had a gun sticker with something written on it...

Anywhere I go I see weird things happening.

Any ideas? Anyone?

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PostSubject: Re: Could anyone help me with understanding these signs?   Wed May 17, 2017 12:05 am

In my opinion, red's just a sexy car color! I myself have a red SUV and I love it! Lots of outdoorsy and conservative people tend to own trucks rather than traditional sedans and vans and this also includes your gun enthusiasts. I wouldn't worry about it honestly.
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PostSubject: Re: Could anyone help me with understanding these signs?   Wed May 17, 2017 7:58 am

But what if that car follows you everywhere?

Few weeks ago I barely saw any red cars, and now it is like... They are everywhere . Literary.
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PostSubject: Re: Could anyone help me with understanding these signs?   Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:27 am

Not many people seem to have anything to say here yet what you have just explained and described is not normal and really is a sign of something....think back at the first time it happened and try to write down or remember what you felt...and if you feel the same now when thinking of these you feel anything jump out at you in particular? like a feeling, gut feeling, good or bad ones...or anything in between...
It could be about a person or people in your could be about you in some way but without knowing how you live in a more personal way as in a reason these cars with these specific colors and even boxes are reaching out to you....
Do you have dreams of these colors? boxes? cars? do you see them on Television or anywhere else?
I wish I could help you but this could be nearly impossible as long as it is personal and without further information...those cars could truly stand for something that is going to happen to you or has happened to you....the point remains that it is important to find out what it is even if you can't go out of your way to find out what that something is...
You can't force the has to come to you either in time or realization...or if someone can give you a direct answer....but don't jump to conclusions...speculate though because the broader the ideas the more you can be self aware of possibilities and narrow things down to what it doesn't stand for and get an overall good feel for what it can be.
Stay safe and keep a clear head.
Always trust your inner gut and keep your guard up but don't over work you imagination or your heart and thoughts either...and always remember to trust yourself first over everyone and anyone first...even close friends and first...because you are you and no one else can be you and you can trust you the most first...always.
Keep us updated for anything related or just in general of what it is you see around you.
You never know when the right answer will come at the right time or someone here may happen to pull you in closer to an answer.
Also keep your faith up and don't worry to much or ever about what you cannot control...even things you don't like can't always be helped like people moving away, bills, and other people having bad days....these things can't be helped at times and you need to know that if the answer you find has nothing to do with you in a more controlled personal way it may not be your fault....unless it is something really bad of course then keep yourself safe as it is a warning and you really really really need to be protected, stay guarded but never forget that you have power and are in power as long as you believe you are.
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PostSubject: Re: Could anyone help me with understanding these signs?   

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Could anyone help me with understanding these signs?
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