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 hey (another update)

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Gender : Genderfluid/other
Kin/Therio type : Wolf, cat, unicorn, harp seal
Age : 17
Location : US
Job/hobbies : Art & animation
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PostSubject: hey (another update)   Fri Aug 18, 2017 6:22 pm

It seems I just come and go, it's really hard for me to stay active on here.
A lot of time passed since my last post and things are mostly the same.

I came to the realization that my kitsune theriotype was just a past life. I think in 2015 (before I was on this site) these big mental and phantom shifts were..I guess my higher self trying to remind myself of the past, and around that time I did have past life regression and I remembered a good deal of own of my recent past lives. Ever since it's just been more and more rare having shift from that part of me and it was hard for me to focus on that part of myself and just yesterday I realized it's most likely just not me. Being a polytherian, finding and defining my theriotypes is like..well, I feel like it's getting to know a whole bunch of people but not just name and personality but down to like knowing their whole entire life story.
Except the person is super vague and mysterious lol

I think what else drove me to make a post was a dumb video, some troll. They made a video, and to be honest, they were just reading off something someone else wrote but still...They said that our pack, silver pack is very cult like and that they fear newly awakened therians/otherkin will join and yada yada..
I just..I don't understand people like that. Yes, it''s very out of the normal way of thinking but regardless whether a belief is easier to believe than others, you shouldn't just tell people that the believers are in cults or doing bad sh-t when in reality we're minding our own business.
They said if you happen to see therian who really believes they exist because they are most likely an online predator. Please.
I don't even talk about p-shifting outside the site unless I really trust that person. I never talk about it otherwise. Plus I'm 16, I can't even leave my house without my mom, oh yes, I'm very dangerous...

I just feel so..lonely. I used to have a few friends so many years ago but I just lost contact and they were therians too I don't really talk to anyone anymore about shifting other than..y'know post here every once in a while.
I do still practice shifting as I learn about myself more and more, but I keep getting stuck in those old memories, I remember chatting with my friends and m-shifting with them all the time and I just sort of..shifted less and less after that.

Idk, I'm just rambling now.

I also noticed my theriotypes are black and white lol
black - wolf (although my wolf side is a super dark brown but you really can't tell it from black) and domestic cat
white - unicorn, harp seal

If anyone wants to talk to me, I still have my discord:

and the pack chat we have that is..pretty dead right now since not many are on right now is

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Ancient Member
Ancient Member

Gender : Female
Kin/Therio type : B.C. Coastal Wolf
Age : 16
Location : In a book (Get it?!)
Job/hobbies : Visual arts, food, and philosophical stuff.
Join date : 2016-07-13

PostSubject: Re: hey (another update)   Fri Aug 18, 2017 7:36 pm

Hey, I know how you feel. This is the only place I have felt welcomed as who I was. Outside of the pack, I have no choice but to keep more or less to myself.

I used to have a shifter friend, too, once long ago. Of course, it all ended in a catastrophe. She wasn't the kindest person in the world, really. But that bond with someone who is a therian/shifter/whatever is so strong sometimes. Every now and then, I miss having her around just to be with someone who I could fully talk to.

Anyways, if you ever need a friend, I'm always here!

(that's kind of funny how all of your kintypes are black and white! You may just be the ultimate panda XD)
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Ancient Member
Ancient Member

Kin/Therio type : Feline and Wolf
Location : America
Job/hobbies : Writing, Drawing
Join date : 2016-06-28

PostSubject: Re: hey (another update)   Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:35 am

It's good to see you're figuring yourself out Smile

The wider therian/otherkin community does have a negative history with physical shifting, unfortunately, and there are still some that fall into dangerous company when trying to find others that share their belief (it has happened before), so a lot of their "cult" talk is more protective, wanting to keep others from making the same mistakes they made, and erring on the side of caution. Though many seem to mention that there's a difference between believing in shifting, and actually claiming to do it, they can equate them as being the same thing sometimes, and be hostile to even simple believers. It's understandable, why and how they react the way they do, but at the same time it does put a damper on serious discussions between those who believe or claim to shift, and sometimes paints a target on their backs.

That being said, I wouldn't take the criticisms to heart. If you're not doing anything wrong, then don't worry. There will always be those who have different opinions than your own, and even if you were on the best site on the world, doing the most normal thing in the world, there'd still be someone who would have a negative opinion of it. It's life.

If you're feeling secluded, then I would suggest making new therian friends (maybe those who believe in shifting?), and talking to others. Even indulge in m-shifting some more, if you feel up to it. They won't replace the memories of your old friends, but doing so would help with the loneliness, and probably put you in a much better state overall Smile
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PostSubject: Re: hey (another update)   

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hey (another update)
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