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 The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories )

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Silver Black
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Big Boss
Silver Black

Gender : Female
Kin/Therio type : Naerubie ( celestial wolf guardian )
Age : 29
Location : Canada ( bu I am Russian )
Job/hobbies : Singing, Gaming, Cook at a Sweden restaurant ( but i prefer asian food ), drawing, swiming, dream shift
Join date : 2016-06-24

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The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories ) Empty
PostSubject: The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories )   The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories ) I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 30, 2020 5:16 pm

In the darkness my journey finally ended.Iwas so relieve to finally be home with my pack.

In the distance, I could see a firecamp and a few members sitting around it but  my bad      vision   couldnt make the difference of who was who so i just kept flapping with the tiny black snake in my                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

I landed carefully in the dead of night. To be honest, dead wasnt a fair word for the khaanessi jungle, or any jungle that is. it was so lively at night, sometimes even more during the day. Some places have crickets ,well here we had that in addition to so many other animals singing at night.

Name them all: the howling monkeys, the birds, the insects even. But it wasnt as worrying as the jaguars when they prowl in the darkness, looking for any edible prey.

We didn't take any chance and installed a wooden wall with logs to prevent them to attack but the fire was the most efficient turn-off for a jaguar lurking in the dark.

Nithu was the first to stand up quickly as I brought the tiny creature while telling her to stay careful because of the venom.
the tiny thing squeezed my paw with nervosity when i tried to transfer it to her hand. Nithu had tears and gave me a sneakily hug. she was very happy but still didn't know all the risks i took. 

Toxx was looking, amused and wanted to touch it too. kuro was gone sneaking in the woods as usual even with my warning and the dangers around.He couldn't resist the damn glowing butterfly. Dustin was in wolf form, singing some Johny cash for entertainment. Wolfgirl was excited to see me coming back:

'' Hii Alpha!''

Oof, it felt weird when  she said that since she was the only one to call me that lol. dustin tried once to call me lady and i cut it right there.

I sighed, not wanting to reply. Oh its fine..we're all equals but hey  i didn't wanna argue lol. afterall, i was the masterhead behind all that fam so i shut up. kinda taking credits silently for once lol.

'' Hey '' I replied, exhausted with the travel.

'' how did it go? '' Ask Nighty in his human asian form. his dragon shape was sadly too big for the camp lol.

I Soooo didn't wanna answer that question right now, especially after the weird hell i've been in. Nithu would feel bad to know all the trouble i put myself in to get her a pet.

Toxx sent us a meme to laugh at my dirty fur. I cringed with a grumpy face but couldnt help but to laugh inside.

Rr installed a tent nearby where she practiced her shifting but it was guarded by our dogs: Pixie,Snake and Toxx's dog too.

I stretched and curled around the fire in silence but smiled at them then stared at the fire.

Dustin's voice ressemblance to JOhny Cash was very soothing.

I fell asleep on his voice and other members talking.

Rr was near me poking me but i was too sleepy to notice.

Nithu changed into a horned cobra looking like creature and hugged me like if she was about to eat me but without the whole eating thing.

the camp was calm , the animals ,quiet.

i fell asleep, unaware of the sudden lurking danger near the camp.

The Moonlight was shining through the trees but no one could see the moon itself because of the dense vegetation.

 Xx Naerubie Silver Black xX   The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories ) Black_wolf_flying_for_loryblackwolf_by_altairas-d5cpehj

The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories ) 53864634-10156945357792591-2104803759115730944-n


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Gender : Female
Kin/Therio type : Winged Manticore
Age : 15
Location : United Kingdom
Job/hobbies : Swimming, Drawing, Badminton, Drumming, Chatting and Gaming.
Join date : 2018-04-15

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The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories ) Empty
PostSubject: Re: The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories )   The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories ) I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 31, 2020 9:25 am

Zephil was already awake when I returned. I dived out of the glistening pool of murky water and landed beside his favourite log to rest on top of. Zephil gave me a subtle smirk as he lifts his snow white tails up and down slowly. Casually, he rose up and stretched lazily. He scratched his back before popping down to my side.
"Say, how was is it?" Muttered Zeph as he crawled closer towards me. He patted my tail carefully before jumping onto my left wing. My talons itched from the awkward position Zeph was in, I looked at him disapprovingly and he proceeds to mess with my wing a little bit further.

"It was good, I got the coal sapling you asked for." I sighed miserably as I try to shake him off. Zeph jumps onto my mane and rests there.

"You actually found it? Amazing. That's not what I planned at all." Said Zeph in awe as he inspects the coal sapling wedged between my fangs. "You know, this is completely useless right?"

"Wait... you made me travel out there for no reason?" I groaned in annoyance, Zeph had such a strange humour.

I walked towards the dark oak log and sat on it steadily. Scrambles of twigs rested on top of some flint and mud, wet leaves and pieces of nut shells were scattered around us. The dense forest was as quiet as ever, just like it has always been. The murky woods was silent and deprived of any life, it was a realm for neither the living nor dead. A boundary only certain souls have access to.

"You've always said you've had a bad experience with deserts, guess it would be good for you to make new memories there." Zeph whispered into my ears before pouncing in front of me. He flashed his three tails at me and growled with his fox snout before turning into a small ball of light. The ball of light grew into a humanoid shape and before I knew it, Zeph emerged into his humanoid form. "So, where shall we go next? I shall accompany you this time."

"So that's what you were trying to do huh..." I chuckled to myself, such a weirdo he can be sometimes. "Well... sure, how about a nice forest of cherry-"

"The jungles! Let's go!" Zeph cut my sentence off swiftly as he jumps onto my back.

"You really want to break my back don't you," I sighed as I felt him kicking eagerly. "Sometimes you really worry me, you're like a 5 year old child."

"No time for talking, let's go!" Zeph roared with excitement as his hands tightened on my paw. We both stare at the murky pool as I sprinted towards it, it is time for an another adventure.


"Say, do you think this place has dragons to eat-"

"Watch your mouth," I roared at Zeph disapprovingly as I smacked the side of his face. "I'm part dragon and you knew it too."

"Ahh... you didn't need to go all out on me. I'm just mischievous alright?" Zeph whined as he began to hug me from behind. "Say, are you nervous in a new territory? "

I ignored his obnoxious question as I tread through the tall blades of grey grass. The logs of trees were thicker and the forest seemed very dense under the harsh darkness brought from the unnatural amounts of vegetation. I shifted my wings unsteadily and began lowering my body closer to the ground.

"Hmmm... scaredy cat. You should transform into your humanoid form too. Nobody is going to bother us in this jungle." Zeph muttered amusingly as he nudges at me. I knew he was up to no good and decided to slide him off of my back with my tail.

"Unlike you, I have no ability to protect myself in my humanoid form. I don't draw energy from things like you do." I replied calmly as I continue to tread on.

"I'll get you some steak if you-"

"Okay okay!" Before Zeph can finish I quickly hide myself in a bush of vegetation as I slowly turned into my humanoid form. Good thing I bring cloths around for situations like these. "So, where's the steak?"

"I'll give it to you if... ah look!There's light emitting from there. If you go there for a while, I'll give it to you." Zeph held a piece of beef jerky between his hands, he rolled it around his fingers before raising it close to his pointy fox ears protruding from his human-like form. "Go on then, I'll be behind you."

I look away from Zeph and towards the trees covered in a warm beam of light. There was a subtle smell of smoke and I knew that meant trouble. I shivered underneath the large branches covering the view above, my tail and ears twitched with nervousness. I guess I should investigate nonetheless... I began sneaking carefully around the thick trees, peeking back once in a while to see Zeph smiling back at me. Slowly, I could see figures around a campfire. Different species rested there peacefully... so it's safe for me to go there... right?

I look back to see no signs of Zeph, where the hell did he go? He's my only defence if this situation goes wrong, what a jerk. Wait... is that the wolf from before? I've never noticed how big her fangs were, she'll be able to eat me in one bite here. I saw another human looking being here, guess it's fine for me if he's alive. I wonder if this is somewhat of a pack, it did seem like all of the sleeping animals are comfortable being near each other. I think it'll be fun if I observe them for a while, I quickly climb up a pretty high tree and ascended beyond their view. I perched on a thick branch which covered my form completely, perfect. Now I can watch over them. I hope I haven't left any signs of my presence back down below though.

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 '' If the world breaks, You are the one which will bring it TOGETHER.

There are many teachers. Some teach you to blend in and be 'normal' while others teach you to express yourself. Which one do YOU choose? ''

The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories ) DUTlWFJ
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The legends of Khaanessi Jungles ( Firecamp stories )
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