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Who we are as a community

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Who we are as a community  Empty Who we are as a community

Post by Silver Black Sat Feb 10, 2018 5:11 pm

Silver Pack was created in 2010, around Razgriz Pack and Pariah Pack 1. When they died because of all the drama and fighting, I, Silver Black, the owner of Silver Pack, tried to regroup as much otherkins and therians I could possibly take under my wings. Blaze of Razgriz turned out to be a fraud and people keep accusing us to be fakes and showing false information only because we still believe in Physical shifting. Many of us have experienced it, Blaze or no Blaze, and we will keep the belief on forever since we know it's real and we don't care what jealous and close-minded otherkins think of us.

The pack first grew very fast, having around 1000 members in the first years but due to the overwhelming number of members, drama and fights started again and I had to clean the website to make it a new. It provoked rage and bullying toward from the other communities since it was popular as much as the others.

I prefered to have a calm and peacefull little pack of people who respected each other rather than people who just wanted to camp or troll. The website finally moved around 2016 on this new Forum host named Forumotion.com.  Fearing to lose its activity but taking the risk anyway, Imoved all the content from the website on this free website ( I used to pay  montly for this website ) .

Since then, managing the website and protecting its content was crucial and easier. The members now have to present themselves and to be approved as a full member but its done quickly and without discrimination.

Whatever the kin type, the believes, the gender, the race. IT DOESN'T MATTER. We encourage variety and are daily active both on this website and Facebook. We even have our own Facebook and Tumblr page. Feel free to join anywhere !

We are a close family and we talk to each other daily on a Facebook group chat. We love and care about each other and nothing can break that bond.

Things to know when you join :






- We are not fakes, we are otherkins, therians, shapeshifters and starseeds. We DO believe in physical shifting and we do NOT argue about its existence here. No one cares that you believe in something or not believe in it. Everyone here respect each other and does not prevent nor force someone else to go in the same line direction.

- Respect is rule number one here.

- Also there are risky methods and subjects for people under age and it is recommended that you are aware of what you do. If you are young and just discovered Therianthropy, note that you should surround yourself with adults who can guide you. Fortunately, we are not stupid and we hide the risky stuff to young people and newcomers. They actually have

- WE DO HAVE A TON OF INFORMATION ON PHYSICAL SHIFTING. But we keep it from views and protect it from outsiders with bad intentions. If you want to see it, you'll have to be convincing and trustworthy. Years of studies have been put in that hidden section and all of the pack have worked hard on it.

- We do NOT like campers and trolls are an automatic ban.

- We accept everyone as long as they are serious and not roleplayers and that they respect the rules. Don't blame the alpha is you don't respect the rules. It is really simple to follow and you are automatically accepting the rules when you register so it is your own responsibility and read it. Of course, warnings come before banning and we really try not to get there since it hurts everyone in the way.

What does the Pack has to offer other websites don't :

- Protected information and forums, privacy is important here. You want your message moved to a private section ? we'll do it on command.

- TON of information about shifting, that is hidden from outsiders, obviously. You have to ask personally to the owner to get there.

- TON of information on paranormal because we study a lot of paranormal events and creatures that roam our world. They are as important as anything we experience as paranormal beings ourselves.

- Soul scanning still is offered.

- Information about meditation and ton of other spiritual stuff

- Kin type species information

- Occult and magicraft are also mentionned in the forums but everyone is free to do it or not do it and it's protected from young people,s views. You need to be an aware adult and have a pretty good reason to visit that section. Only VIP can access it. and it's not necessary to the pack website, just bonus.

- A family that is active daily, not dying like all other fake crap websites who pretend they are so good but are just showing off. We do work a lot to stay close and enrich the community with new info everyday.

Foes List : 

These persons caused trouble to the pack before. warn an admin if you encounter them here. 

- Angrian Pack and Dakota
- Sidra, Wolfena and the rest of her Feral Pack
- Sheangel ( MysticMoon pack ) on amino
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