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TV Channel

Global Awareness

Global Awareness

Governement conspiracies, Global warming, natural disasters, etc.

The Earth is changing, it's time to be aware how much it is.

Paranormal Channel

Weird Weather & Sky phenomenons

Everything out of the ordinary, reported worlwide. Strange & unexplainable phenomenons concerning either the weather or the nature in general.

Recent UFO & Aliens Sightings

Recent Ghosts & Unknown entities caught on tape

Creatures caught on tape, either spiritual or physical.

TV Chat Room
Therians & Otherkins

Otherkin/Therian Youtubers & Medias bout us

Popular faces out there and what the society says about us.

Otherkin/Therian Meditation

You can practice these meditations while being either awake or sleeping.
These meditations are perfect to relax, m-shift and even p-shift.

Suspected Shapeshifters Sightings
Starseeds channel