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 How to sense a ghost / 5 ways to sense a ghost - By Amanda Linette Meder

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How to sense a ghost / 5 ways to sense a ghost - By Amanda Linette Meder Empty
PostSubject: How to sense a ghost / 5 ways to sense a ghost - By Amanda Linette Meder   How to sense a ghost / 5 ways to sense a ghost - By Amanda Linette Meder I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2018 1:50 pm

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Whether you are fully aware of it or not, a full-time spirit professional or just had a weird experience a few days ago - if you are reading this article, chances are good that you have an ability to sense Spirits.

The ability to sense Spirit is called clairsentient and it’s really the most under-celebrated and under-noticed psychic ability.

Have you ever walked into a house and just got a weird feeling?

Walked alone at night and felt like someone was there, yet you were by yourself on the street?

Felt a heaviness in a cemetery? Or a cool gust of air in an otherwise warmly heated home?

A change in temperature, pressure and even surrounding energy and ‘buzz’ to the air are all common indicators of the presence of a Spirit - specifically, a deceased person. While I’ve written before introductory articles on how to sense and see a variety of different Spirits, today we’re going to talk specifically about one group of individuals.

Whether we are identifying deceased Loved Ones, the Dearly Beloved, or a stranger random dead person just hanging around - there are a few things we all have in common - we ALL sense Spirit before we ever see or hear it. That goes for everyone.

Most people sense Spirit before they ever see, hear or notice any other signs. And to begin to practice your abilities of ‘picking up on someone’, or just to get a handle on what’s going on, it’s important to know what Spirit feels like to YOU.

You see, when a new Spirit is present - it is like a new energy, person, matter or element is added to the space - and with any new addition to a ‘closed system’ environment - changes will occur.Changes such as temperature, pressure and energy level. These changes, affect each of us uniquely and differently - but all have the same effect - they’re attention-getting.

Since Spirits are pretty good at being invisible when their presence is felt - this was an intentional act - they wanted you to notice. And while there could be 1,000 reasons as to why they want your attention, there is someone present who wants your attention. Perhaps it is someone who you know personally or someone who wants to connect with you and say hello... or even ask for you to pass a message to your neighbor.

Whatever your preference - to communicate continuously or tell them you want to be left alone - to get started in connecting or never connect at all with the Other Side, we all need to know something in common: 

When is it that a Spirit present?

Since sensing a Spirit is always the first sign before all others, it's time we go over the telltale symptoms!

The 5 Most Common Feelings And Tell-Tale Symptoms Of A Spirit Visitation

a heaviness and pressure to the room

The sensation of being in the deep end of a pool, a crowded pool, a heavy blanket is the most common descriptions for this feeling.

My partner describes it like a heavy cloak suddenly fell over the space or a thick cloud. This is due to the increased energy to enter the space - making the molecules more densely packed. Think of a balloon - being filled to capacity - and you’re in the balloon. Since Spirit does not have to limit their energy to a container, like a body, it can spread out its energy field/aura into the surrounding space. If you walk into this space, you could likely and commonly feel the pressure building.

a change in temperature

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For a Spirit to present itself, it can take a lot of energy to manifest into a form or a shape that resembles their human or physical body.Think about it! If you exist only in free-gas form, it can take a little work to get your energy to vibrate slow enough to become matter again. And raising and lowering energy can actually be indicated and assisted by raising and lowering temperatures - or drawing/adding energy to the space to create shape. If you feel a cool gush, heat (energy) is being drawn from you or the space. If you feel a warm gush, (heat) energy is being added to you and the space.

Whichever you feel, depends on the type of Spirit and the environmental conditions (humidity, surrounding air temp, particulate matters), but a temperature change is an indicator of an energy change. In fact, many Spirits choose to appear in areas with energy and temperature shifts  - for an easier conversion of their energy to manifest. Which, is what is needed for Spirit to shift form to ‘appear’.

a sudden anxiety

Going on the same concept, when energy is added to the space and to your energetic field, it is likely a Spirit who is attempting to connect with you. Imagine that you, Physical body is an ice cube and a Spirit, gaseous body, is vapor, in order to interact with one another, the Spirit would have to lower their energy to move back down to a liquid state, or part liquid state, like humidity, and you would have to raise your energy to be part liquid as well - melty ice.

In order to connect with Spirit and communicate, you would have to raise your energy and Spirit would have to lower theirs - to be on the same wave, vibe, energy level, frequency chain. And many times, Spirit, when connecting with a human, will raise your energy to their level of vibration - if they want to reach out and link with you - that is, communicate.

If you aren’t aware this is happening, you might think it's a sudden adrenaline rush or an immediate anxiety attack and go into panic mode, pop a pill or two, or have a drink to settle down for a moment. Unexplained anxiety is one of the most common symptoms of mediumship ability.It’s an unrequested link. A communication advance or boost from the other side and they’ll do it, whether you fully grasp and notice it or not - until you request some privacy!

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a rise in the throat or a drop in the stomach

This can also be described as your heart rising or dropping. I like to think of it as going up the tower ride at Six Flags Great Adventure, climbing stories for a big drop. A pit in your stomach or a ball in your throat. And I think this is again, a symptom of energy rising and energy dropping in your surrounding environment - but felt from within. When a Spirit is present with me, a ball starts to rise from my chest to my throat, and for my partner, a drop in his stomach - but the experience is the same - a change in energy and pressure of the space.

Is the Deceased Individual... A Loved One?

If so, that might feel a little different.

When our loved ones visit, in addition to these sensations, or completely separate from them - the best way for me to describe a sensation visit from a deceased loved one is like this:

a warm, cozy feeling

As though you just walked into a baby’s nursery in the early fall afternoon or you cuddle up against a familiar pillow.

Sometimes, it can be described as a warm tingle across your back, like the feeling of the sun coming up from behind the clouds on a late Spring day.

Take a moment and see which of these cues and signs you identify with most.

Then, start applying it to your life and seeing if you can notice when a Spirit is with you. Everyone senses spirit differently and I discuss this in my eGuide, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and I go deeper into how each spirit feels or appears in [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Just being able to identify that what you are feeling and experiencing as not your own unexplained emotions or craziness is a huge relief. Sometimes, these sudden atmosphere changes can make you feel like you are losing your mind - and that’s not okay.

What you are experiencing is valid and very common, and being able to identify Spirit can help a lot with day to day management of your abilities.

And as soon as I knew the tell-tale symptoms of when a Spirit was present and wanting to get my attention - was able to tell them to leave me alone - and mean it. 

You can too. 

Set some boundaries, and like any other respectful person, they’ll observe your comfort zones.

Amanda Linette Meder

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How to sense a ghost / 5 ways to sense a ghost - By Amanda Linette Meder
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