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 Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!!   Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!! I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2018 2:36 pm

Aurora, Galaxy 38 and other alien civilisations

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So i just woke up after an incredible '' Dream ''.  

I was in fact astral projecting and I travelled to a dimension/planet far away from here.

I made some friends there, a girl named Susie or something similar. She had a humanoid form, much like humans, but her eyes shape was slightly rounder and her ears too. They had a weird aura spectrum delaying from them when they moved. When i realised I was astral dreaming, i was very lucid and everything felt as real as my own reality at this very moment. I could feel, touch but i didn't give a pecular attention to smells nor sounds. Only what i saw and could touch.

The planet/plane is called '' Aurora, from Galaxy 38 ( or solar system 38 ) , if it rings a bell to anyone. I didn't feel at home there because it's not Nocturion but it was super cool too.

Everyone was wealthy in the neighbourhood where i was . People had rectangular and random shaped houses with big glasses to see though.The light in the sky was intense and you could see some rainbowish spectrums. Each house had their own natural scenery in their backyard and i swear it was totally random with cool Auroran elements i knew nothing about. Example, one house had plenty of '' snow '' but it wasn't snow. It was daylight and hot enough so i don't know what it was. Sometimes, on the sides of the roads that looked slightly earth like, there was some mist falls with mist smoke.... and irregular ground reliefs so i was a bit alienated lol. Also i had a black car i could drive there but they reduced its size and hid it. For some reasons, the family didn't wish for me to go too far in the neighborhood but i did anyway and had a town sight. They have like '' ipads '' that are not ipads and which are connected to a main '' internet '' system which come from a pecular tower in town. Very cool planet. I enjoyed myself so much while walking down the neighborhood, felt like a freaking tourist who took pictures everywhere xD. ALas...

I took pictures with my cell phone but i realised it wasn't possible to bring it back, so I told Susie my email address, then i realised they were far away in a distant galaxy so even with my email address, she can't write to me.  * pissed.

But i really enjoyed my travel, damn i really did. I'm trying to find if Earth beings know anything bout these people in that far away galaxy. Maybe starseeds know what alien race it is ( it certainly has another name here lol ) so i'm still searching.

I'M super duper happy and lucky to be able to travel like that and be aware.

I learned something when i came back tho : We can astral project to dimensions that are compatible with the frequency of our own souls and are naturally drawn to them .

There are tons of humanoid aliens and planets that are a bit like Earth because the universe might be big, but a lot of astral objects patterns are very similar to our solar system and yes, a lot of beings look like humans but different because they evolved differently. Yet, the looks alike are terrifyingly similar to a point i could blend in.

So i'm telling myself, If i could project, if other beings also have thechnology to physically travel, there are a lot of aliens looking a lot like humans and walking among us.

I personnally encountered an Arcturian couple in a metro in Montreal city and it was very shocking. No one realised they were actual aliens wtf. they had like almost white hairs and were gigantic and their bone structures were similar and very squarish like. they had this very large face with expressive eyes and they felt uncomfortable that i noticed them. They hid their face away.

....the planet has evolved more than the governement let us know.

A few years ago, i also saw in plain day light a fucking UFO big as a parking of a know hotel it was hanging above, mid-hidden in a non-sublte cloud. When it noticed my presence, a telepathy link was made and it flew away fast.

I didn't have my phone on me that day and people didn't believe me.

But idc, ik its real, aliens are already here and this is so fucking cool.

i'M so happy.

I hope you can share my joy and open up to the possibilities of other beings being on earth cause it is our actual situation.

wake up x') !! hehe

PLus if you understand this, you are intelligent :

The universe is huge and if a planet like Earth exists and harbors intelligent life, why wouldn't there be other planets like us, in fact very similar ? it would be dumb to think it's not the case.

ESPECIALLY after scientists discovered like over a 1000 exoplanets that are very VERY likely to harbor life and since a long time. So yeah, it's kinda hard to go around that belief when scientific facts are out there.

So yeah, i understand you are scared. But this is still our reality and one day, humans will be ready and evolve just like the rest of them.

Can't wait.

Humans are closed minded and narcissic. they want to be alone, the best, the only intelligent, they want control and power.

urg...other civilisations got past this shit since a long time ago lol.

 Xx Naerubie Silver Black xX   [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Personal Advisor

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Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!!   Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!! I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2018 5:04 pm

Very interesting. I look forward to hearing about any other trips you make.
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Just did an amazing astral travel to Aurora, Galaxy 38 !!!!!!!!!!!!
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