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Reasoning about mediakin

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Reasoning about mediakin Empty Reasoning about mediakin

Post by MoonMoon Sat Jan 21, 2023 7:18 pm

So, regarding mediakin, fictionkin, otakukin, etc. (they all mean the same thing to me, although I also realize nowadays that people seem to have a term for everything, jokingly like "when you are an otherkin born under the moon phase of the banana and peanut butter sandwich"), I've heard the idea of alternate universes being constructed from the attention and thoughts people would give to a media.

The thought occurs though, that while there's perhaps mediakin of various media, certainly there's the question of validity, and even too the question of likelihood I suppose.

It's much like the BINABM (Big Impressive North American Birds / Mammals) (A term from a favorite author of mine on the therian / otherkin topic) being more prominent than other animals, lesser known, lesser popular, lesser understood, by comparison. I feel like with media it's perhaps twofold why there's certain numbers of 'kin from one but not another similar "place".

The thought being: Pokémon is very popular and has extensive media (in terms of games, manga, anime, movies, fanart, etc.) on the whole. By comparison, admittedly I haven't done searching, but I just don't really see nor hear mention of things like Digimon. Much less of Monster Rancher. Then there's the spinoff type things that just aren't really considered, obviously due to popularity... but also obviously, due to popularity... Perhaps such doesn't have the foothold to make such a universe.

I thought about this when hearing a questionnaire regarding "Star Wars vs Star Trek" (funny how it eventually comes to that junction), and it was a whopping 90% vs just 10% in terms of response. Perhaps that's skewed too. My thought on this though, is that while Star Trek started as a series and has had movies, games, what have you... Star Wars just has Disney on its side, on top of everything Star Trek would now have.

I feel like in terms of popularity for a media, that skews the likelihood and arguably the legitimacy of someone talking about mediakin things. There's the basis of that attention making a construct or seed of another dimension, if it's not talking about the reasoning of a preexisting place and we're just tapping into it with imagination.

The other thought I have too, is that of course with age, things would solidify more. I think though, lore within the constructed universe probably plays a huge part. I very much doubt there's "legitimate" Silent Hill pyramid head 'kin out there (I have never heard of such, funny enough), and likewise there wouldn't or shouldn't be. The lore of Silent Hill is it's (as I understand?) a personal hell for the individual involved (originally at least), and the pyramid head (originally from Silent Hill 2) is, for all intents and purposes, an inner projection of James Sunderland himself. (This doesn't make James a pyramidheadkin either, sorry. Just makes him himself.) (Sorry for ancient spoilers.)

Now, Undertale and Deltarune, I bring up because of it being canon that alternate universes exist. I would feel like it's certainly popularity why Undertale (and horrifyingly, Sonic the Hedgehog) would "be a thing", but the matter of alternate universes being "just a thing" in those games probably also gave it a weird boost to the idea of being an alternate dimension itself now.

As things are, this was just a tangent and thought that came to mind. I'm not in any way trying to emphasize or suggest that this is factual and an actual case. While yes, I've identified as a lucario otherkin, I really don't know what the case may be regarding that. It could be that lucario is just "best applicable" in lieu of a possibility that hasn't been fathomed quite yet. People are creative and come up with wonderful things, and I'm not detracting from that either. Putting more thought into this than is due is just cause for mess and a sloppy downhill approach to anything, especially without a way to prove or disprove any of it, or test hypothesis as well, unfortunately. :( As such, this post is mostly just sharing my own thoughts and for edumetainment purposes strictly, and should be taken with an entire shaker of salt.

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Reasoning about mediakin Empty Re: Reasoning about mediakin

Post by Silver Black Tue Jan 24, 2023 12:50 pm

MoonMoon wrote: "when you are an otherkin born under the moon phase of the banana and peanut butter sandwich"), 

I laughed way too much at this x'D your post is just freaking great. I really loved that article. 

In my opinion, human beings love to identify, relate or being part of some group to feel happy. 

Lots of them are not really what they claim but it makes them happy for the time they need it. 

But I agree, there are WAY too much terms and expressions for dumb shit. 
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